by Chris Lewis

(Madam Rhino)

Question: Can you be a secret agent in your eighties?

Answer: Yes!


Welcome to the Angela Adisa, an action thriller short story series by Chris Lewis. Angela is a woman of colour in her eighties.  Read about the journey of a  practical granny to  to one of a part time secret agent.


Angela Adisa. Origin: Undefined by age colour or gender.

'Angela dropped to the ground into a crouched position, forced her walking stick into the rusty spokes of the bike's back wheel and slightly tipped it up. The mugger flew off and landed with a thud onto the wet grass.

This is the origin story of the formidable UK superhero Madam Rhino. How did the straight-talking pensioner in her eighties, who lives in the English countryside, get her powers and join the ultra-secret agency The Bridge Club? How did she upgrade her safe and quiet life to one of high-octane adventure? After all, age is just a number.

Previously published as Madam Rhino: Origin

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Read as standalone or part of the series.

Angela has developed during her time as a secret agent for 'The Bridge Club'.

She is surprised when her family join her on a cruise holiday. Unfortunately, it is cover for a Bridge Club mission.


Now the stakes are higher than ever before – the organisation Rise Above Any Weakness (RAAW) want revenge. How can she complete the mission, keep her family in the dark and out of harm's way?


Previously published as Madam Rhino: Troubled Waters

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Chris Lewis is an author who likes to challenge the status quo. An author of both fiction and non-fiction stories. Stories with quirky characters designed to spread a little knowledge reflect and provide a little fun.


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