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Mr Hansen

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Angela Adisa is a British African woman who is a retired scientist, master baker, hugger and part-time secret agent.


Angela was recruited in her late eighties by the secret peace protection organisation known as the Bridge Club. Angela's family have no idea she is a secret agent, and she wants to keep it that way. Cruise holidays are used as a disguise for missions.


However, she has become used to her role as a secret defender, typically from the evil organisation known as R.A.A.W  (Rise Above All Weakness). Angela


She is fine with using the misconceptions about her age and colour to her advantage on missions. 

Angela's powers, aka Madam Rhino, resulted from a laboratory accident involving meteor debris at her granddaughter's university lab. Angela's Bridge Club handlers are Mr Hansen and Jamie, who are also family friends. 


Angela lives at the bottom of her daughter's garden in her customised bungalow - close enough to join in with the family but far enough to be independent…

In this story - Troubled Waters

Angela is using a cruise holiday as mission cover. Unfortunately, her family decided to surprise her. How can she complete her mission and avoid her family finding out she is a secret agent?

About the author and illustrator

Created from the imagination of Chris Lewis with illustrations from Toisen. Chris likes to challenge misconceptions and spread a little fun.

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