Meet the family


Hello,  I am Angela. I am a granny and I am a secret agent for The Bridge Club. I am often described as a formidable and no-nonsense senior lady. My family has no idea of my alter ego, Madam Rhino, and I want to keep it that way.  


Barry is my handsome son-in-law, the family diplomat. He is an engineer who put himself through college via a successful hair-modelling career. My daughter, Claudia, did well.

Bob (Robert)

Bob is my oldest grandson at eight years old. He is the family inventor, and we suspect he is a child genius. He idolises his mother, which I find strange as I find her job rather dull.


Claudia is my daughter. I love her dearly, but sometimes she cares a bit too much.


Comet is my cheeky youngest grandson, who is looking forward to starting school. He is close to his twin sister, and he likes testing things, good design, and eating cake.


Stevie is my oldest granddaughter, a practical and brilliant university student researcher. She doesn't live with her family but visits often. My favourite because she reminds me of myself.


Hayley is my adorable youngest granddaughter, who is looking forward to starting school. She is very close to her twin brother, and she likes testing things, good design and eating cake.



Jamie is the best friend of Stevie, my honorary grandson, and my support during Bridge Club missions. He is a genius scientist who loves fashion.

Mr Hansen

One of the most senior and experienced Bridge Club agents, responsible for recruitment and mission allocation. A close and respected friend whom I trust with my life.

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