Can you be an active secret agent in your eighties?  The answer is yes!  Angela may look frail on the inside, but she has skills... Madam Rhino skills.Madam Rhino powers.  

Madam RHINo: Troubled Waters

As usual, Angela uses a cruise as cover for her secret mission.  Then disaster strikes  - her family decide to surprise and join her on 'holiday'! How earth will she complete her mission and avoid her family finding out about her agent alter ego?

A high-sea, high-octane adventure 

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Madam Rhin0:origin 

The origin story of the formidable UK superhero Madam Rhino. How did Angela the straight-talking pensioner join the ultra-secret agency The Bridge Club? How did she upgrade her safe and quiet life to one of high-octane adventure? After all, age is just a number.
About The AUTHOR

After realising there were few older black UK superheroes, Chris Lewis decided to do something about it. Madam Rhino is a tribute to all the wonderful elderly women in the world!

© 2019 by Chris Lewis All rights reserved