Angela is an elegant, brilliant, and feisty woman in her eighties. Her world is complex, but one she would never give up—she's a secret agent, a grandmother, and a superhero. She works hard to keep her crime-fighting alter ego from her family. She may look frail on the  outside, but inside she is a skilled fighter with a brilliant scientific mind and… Madam Rhino powers 

Madam Rhin0:origin 

The origin story of the formidable UK superhero Madam Rhino. How did the straight-talking pensioner in her eighties join the ultra-secret agency The Bridge Club? How did she upgrade her safe and quiet life to one of high-octane adventure? After all, age is just a number.
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About The AUTHOR

After realising there were few older black UK superheroes, Chris Lewis decided to do something about it. Madam Rhino is a tribute to all the wonderful elderly women in the world!

Madam RHINo: Troubled WAters

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The latest  high-sea, high-octane stand alone adventure from your favourite feisty super hero.

A high-sea, high-octane adventure 

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